About HandbALL IN

HandbALL IN ( Moje pravo na rukomet in Croatian) is the first handball program for children and youth with disabilities founded by former Croatian Handball National Team player Maida Arslanagić who is also one of the coaches.

Several former handball players are involved in the organization but also many other reputable athletes and clubs support the program. Handball players such us Vlado Šola, Jakov Gojun, Igor Vori, Vesna Milanović Litre, Andrea Lekić, Sladjana Pop-Lazić, Handball Club Lokomotiva Zagreb, Handball Club PPD Zagreb, former football player Mario Stanić, Football Club Dinamo Zagreb, rowers Damir Martin and Mario Vekić, Basketball Club Cibona Zagreb, paraolympians Anđela Mužinić and Kristijan Vincetić, to name a few.

The world’s best handball player Domagoj Duvnjak and one of the best female goalkeepers Jelena Grubišić are the programs ambassadors.

HandbALL IN is free of charge for all members. Our staff are volunteers who help with the realization of the program. The program has been funded through donations from individuals or companies.

Different activities in the program help children face their daily challenges and develop basic motorical skills through the game of handball. Besides handball, children have a chance to meet new friends, learn about other sports, visit sport arenas, watch live games and have fun together.

During training sessions children can work with Training Assistants. In that way they get an individual approach and experience inclusion on handball court. Training Asistants are volunteers, members of our community, children, students, athletes, former athletes, teachers, parents etc.

In November 2020 in cooperation with Center for Education and Counselling Sunce we started a pilot Education Program for Training Asisstants in order to help the program’s sustainability, increase the number of qualified people to work in the field and raise awarness of the inclusion of children and youth with disabilities in community recreational activities.

We are proud to say that our handball players became the National Ambassadors of European Week of Sports for 2020 and that our program has been elected as the best socially responsible project in Croatia.